Tips on How to Become an Interviewing Pro
15 February 2021
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When Interviewing for a job, little things make a big difference. This is your chance to present yourself correctly, your chance to shine, impress and show how you will be an asset to the business.

Research the Company 

You should endeavour to obtain as much information about the company and the role, you are interviewing for. The more you understand about the company, the more invested the employer will be during your interview. Researching the business will also offer you an insight into the company and if they suit your aspirations and skillset.

Image of some CVs

Review Your CV 

Before you get to the interview stage, you will need to send your CV. This is the first contact you will have to impress your potential new employer. Tailor your CV to the job role you are applying for, this may mean you have more than one CV. Ensure work history, dates, experience, skills, qualifications are listed correctly. Highlight areas that you believe will impress the employer. Before sending, read through, make sure you are happy and can answer any question that may arise from the information stated on the CV.

Dress to Impress

When you walk through that interview door or connect online, make sure the employer knows you mean business. Full suit/dress/skirt, shirt, tie and clean shoes are a must. Your facial hair groomed or shaved and your hair styled (if you have any). Shower, deodorant aftershave or perfume and you are ready.

Prepare Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Although you are the one being interviewed, it is still very important that you ask questions yourself. Interviews are a two-way street. Ask questions about the business, about the person interviewing you, be professional, polite but not too serious. Remember you can laugh, smile and have fun. Most importantly be yourself.

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