A banner image of the Pure Staff foundation team donating to Promise Dreams charity.
Pure Staff Continues To Support Promise Dreams With £1,500 Donation
30 April 2024
In a world that often seems overwhelmed by challenges and adversities, it's the acts of genuine kindness and support that truly make a difference. Recently, Pure Staff took a significant step towards making the world a little brighter for some...
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A banner image of the LinkedIn mobile app.
How To Network With Recruiters On LinkedIn
11 April 2024
In the digital age, professional networking has shifted from conference rooms and business lunches to online platforms. For job seekers, the ability to establish and maintain meaningful connections with recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn is a powerful tool in securing...
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Banner image for attracting the right candidates.
How To Create Job Ads That Will Attract The Right Candidates
1 April 2024
The job market is a battleground for talent, and the first engagement that could potentially lead an ideal hire is often through a job ad. Yet, too often, job ads are seen as a mere formality, quickly put together with...
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