Pure Staff’s 2023 Black Tie Charity Event Raises £10,000 For The Air Ambulance Service
27 September 2023
On Saturday, Pure Staff hosted an unforgettable Black Tie Charity Event to support the unparalleled services provided by the Air Ambulance Service. With the amazing support from all our attendees, we were absolutely thrilled to raise an astounding £10,000! The...
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Banner image of Pure Staff charity donation to Tough Enough To Care.
Pure Staff Proudly Donates £1,500 To Tough Enough To Care
21 September 2023
We at Pure Staff understand the value of giving back to our community and are always looking for ways to contribute positively to society. We recently had the honour of donating £1,500 to Tough Enough To Care, our chosen charity...
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Image of the Pure Staff golf knockout tournament banner.
Pure Staff Foundation 2023 Golf Knockout Competition – A Resounding Success!
15 September 2023
Congratulations to Nick Bott and Dave Ellis, the undisputed champions of this year's Pure Staff Foundation Golf Knockout competition! It was a cracking run to the final, Peter, and fingers crossed for next year! We're excited to see the competitive...
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Image of an interview process.
Finding the Right Fit – The Benefits of Using Recruitment Services
7 September 2023
Recruiting quality candidates for your business can be a difficult and time-consuming task. The right employee can make or break your business, so it's important to ensure the hiring process is thorough and effective. This is where professional recruitment and...
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