The Best Way to Get into the FMCG Sector
12 May 2022
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Are you looking for a job role in the FMCG sector? But you aren’t sure where to start because there are that many jobs within the FMCG industry? Don’t worry because in this blog we will take a deeper look into the FMCG industry and what kind of jobs are available.

What is the FMCG Industry?

FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, this industry sells products that are non-durable. These products are usually sold at a low price and customers consume them within a set time (sell-by date). FMCG products usually make low profits however, they are high in demand. The FMCG industry’s biggest segments are food and beverages, healthcare and personal care. These products include milk, sweets, fruit and vegetables, beer, over the counter drugs and fizzy drinks.

Nestle came 1st last year in the FMCG industry. The company topped the list bringing in $93.1 billion of sales. There’s no wonder why Nestle is now worth $347.9 billion.

What kind of Jobs are there within the FMCG Industry?

There are lots of jobs within the FMCG industry to make sure daily operations are moving smoothly. These jobs are essential for the company to operate. Here is a list of some of the FMCG industry jobs that most companies offer for their employees:

Yard/ Packhouse Operative – A yard/ packhouse operative is responsible for scanning, loading and storing products throughout the warehouse. A packhouse would also, transfer all waste to a different location.

Telesales Executive – A telesales executive is responsible for inbound and outbound telephone calls. These calls will in tale talking to customers, persuading them to purchase a product or service.

Demand Planner – A demand planner works with the sales and marketing team to devise a plan for the company. This plan will enable the company to customise output and success in the future. Obviously, it is a prediction according to the projections made by the demand planner.

Grower – A grower is responsible for helping plants to grow. This job might sound easy but it isn’t. Many growers have bachelor’s degrees because they need experience and knowledge to understand how to grow plants healthier and quicker.

If you would like to find more information about these or more jobs within the FMCG industry then click here.

What Skills do Employers look for?

The FMCG industry has such a wide range of jobs that you can’t say what qualifications the whole industry is looking for. These jobs can be anywhere from a supply chain manager to a procurement analyst. However, FMCG employers are looking for specific skills that you should learn to have a better chance of getting your dream FMCG job. These skills include; good attention to detail, can work on your own and with others, flexibility, lateral thinking and great punctuality.

How to get into the FMCG Industry?

Depending on the job you’re going for will depend on the skills and prior experience required. After you have found a job you are interested in, look at the requirements and meet those requirements by studying the skill they need. Doing this will show the employers that you have more experience. If you are looking for a job within the FMCG industry, then we are the perfect recruitment agency for you. We have a huge range of FMCG job roles across the UK.

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