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Spot the Signs of Modern Day Slavery

At Pure Staff, we have zero tolerance towards modern-day slavery. This is why we are a driving force in prohibiting human trafficking and slavery in the world. We not only apply these standards on our employees yet also expect this off any suppliers or organisations that we work with. Read our modern slavery statement to find out more on this important topic. Below are a few signs that will indicate if an organisation is engaging in modern-day slavery or human trafficking.

 Forced Labour

To assess if someone is undergoing forced labour there are some really obvious signs, someone who looks extremely tired or overworked has most likely worked more hours than the allowed amount. A person may be getting underpaid compared to the hours and amount of work they have done, they may be facing threats from their employer and so carry on working in fear. Even something as simple as getting your staff to work late consistently without extra pay would classify as forced labour.

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Child Abuse

This is again quite easy to spot as a child undergoing extreme abuse will be showing some concerning signs, these include dark bruising on their face and limbs, going off with unfamiliar people, they may even be intoxicated in some cases as they may have been coerced into drinking. At Pure Staff, we understand how morally wrong the act of child abuse is and strongly encourage people to come forward if they have experienced or witnessed it in the workplace.

 Sexual Exploitation

This range of modern-day slavery tends to happen in the residential housing sector, this is because it is out of the way of the public and private, notify the police and your employer if you notice any of the following; Someone sleeping on work premises, being subjected to sexual abuse or harassment. The persons pay getting given to someone else if they are abusing substances. When noticing these signs, you can help in the global effort to call out workplaces that engage in sexual assault and ensure people can safely go about their working day.

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Criminal Activities

In some jobs people may not be getting their desired pay, this may due to their role and position or employer. This could lead others to try and make money a different way and undergoing illegal activity. Some signs to look out for when looking for criminal activity are; damaged windows being covered up on the inside, people using machinery to produce and grow illegal drugs, someone who is acting unordinary and suspicious.

Pure Staff are registered members of the GLAA. Our membership enables us to legally supply temporary workers into the aforementioned sectors. In line with GLAA stipulation towards agency workers, we ensure that all workers who fall under GLAA regulations are paid using traditional PAYE payroll (paid and employed by Pure Staff) with holiday pay being paid to the worker on an accrual basis.

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