Pure Staff Proudly Donates £1,500 to Blue Cross
10 March 2023
Image of Pure Staff's donation of £1,500 to Blue Cross.

Pure Staff are delighted to make a donation of £1,500 to the Blue Cross. On behalf of everyone at Pure Staff, we are proud to be able to support such an important cause and help give back to animals in need.

The donation from Pure Staff marks an important milestone in the relationship between the charity and our company. We are passionate about supporting pet welfare and believe that everyone should have access to quality care for their pets, regardless of background or financial status. With this donation, we hope to make a true difference in the lives of all animals.


About the Blue Cross

Blue Cross is a charity that was founded in 1897 and is dedicated to helping animals in need. The charity provides specialist care and services for pets and people throughout their life together. The organisation works to provide care for sick, injured, and homeless animals through veterinary services, adoptions, education programs, animal welfare campaigns, and more.

In addition to providing direct services for animals in need, Blue Cross also works to raise awareness about animal welfare issues. They have launched numerous campaigns to educate pet owners on responsible ownership practices such as spaying/neutering pets, vaccinating them against diseases, and enrolling them in microchipping programs so that they can be identified if lost or stolen.

Blue Cross is always looking for volunteers and donations to help fund its work. Anyone interested in helping can donate directly, or can start fundraising campaigns with friends and family. Donations will go towards medical care, vaccinations, food supplies, and other essentials that these animals need in order to live a happy life.

We would like to thank the staff at Blue Cross for their tireless efforts and dedication to helping those in need. Their commitment to excellence is inspiring, and we are honoured to be able to make a contribution towards their cause. Together, let’s continue working together towards a brighter future for all animals!

Thank you again to everyone involved in making this incredible donation possible!


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