Pure Staff Foundation 2023 Golf Knockout Competition – A Resounding Success!
15 September 2023
Image of the Pure Staff golf knockout tournament banner.

Congratulations to Nick Bott and Dave Ellis, the undisputed champions of this year’s Pure Staff Foundation Golf Knockout competition!

It was a cracking run to the final, Peter, and fingers crossed for next year! We’re excited to see the competitive spirit continue in the upcoming seasons.

This year’s competition was truly incredible, with a record-breaking 62 teams participating. We cannot express our gratitude enough to all teams who took part; your competitive spirit and camaraderie made this event a memorable one.

It’s not just the spirit of competition that brought us together, but also our shared commitment to supporting charitable causes. This year, we were able to raise a staggering £6,200 for various charities. It’s a testament to the generosity and spirit of our participants and the wider community.

As we wrap up this year’s tournament, we’re already looking forward to 2024! If you’re interested in testing your golf skills and joining us for next year’s competition, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s keep the spirit going and aim for an even more successful tournament next year!

Thank you all once again for your unyielding support and participation. We can’t wait to see you on the green in 2024!


Secure Your Spot for 2024

If you’d like to secure your spot in our golf competition for next year, please send an email to Kirsty at kirsty.cooper@purestaff.co.uk.

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