Pure Staff Continues To Support Promise Dreams With £1,500 Donation
30 April 2024
A banner image of the Pure Staff foundation team donating to Promise Dreams charity.

In a world that often seems overwhelmed by challenges and adversities, it’s the acts of genuine kindness and support that truly make a difference. Recently, Pure Staff took a significant step towards making the world a little brighter for some very deserving individuals. We have made another donation of £1,500 to Promise Dreams, a charity dedicated to aiding seriously and terminally ill children and their families across the United Kingdom. This contribution reinforces our commitment to the well-being of the larger community we are a part of.

Promise Dreams has been tirelessly working since 2001, with a noble mission at its heart – to deliver joy and hope by making the dreams of children and their families come true. Whether it’s a dream weekend away, a meet-and-greet with a beloved celebrity, or simply providing essential support and equipment for daily life, Promise Dreams endeavours to bring happiness and relief to these brave young souls and their loved ones.

The impact of such gestures cannot be overstated. They offer much-needed respite and joyous moments for families going through unimaginably tough times. Importantly, these experiences create cherished memories that families hold onto forever, a precious solace amid their challenges.

Our connection to Promise Dreams was fortuitously made through APC Overnight – a key collaborator and friend to Pure Staff. It’s through such partnerships and networks within the business community that we can discover and support marvellous causes. Thus, a special mention and thanks to APC Overnight are indeed warranted. Our introduction to Promise Dreams has allowed us to contribute to an incredibly impactful organisation, aligning perfectly with our values of compassion, community support, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.


This act of giving highlights an important message: no matter the size of our business or the role we play in our community, we have the power to effect real, meaningful change. Our donation to Promise Dreams is not just about monetary support; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when businesses and charities come together for a common good.

We invite everyone to recognise and support the extraordinary work carried out by Promise Dreams. Their dedication to bringing joy into the lives of children and families facing profound adversity is nothing short of inspiring. If you are moved by the cause and wish to support or contribute, we encourage you to do so. Whether it’s by making a one-time donation, setting up a monthly contribution, or participating in fundraising events, every effort contributes significantly to bringing joy and hope to these children and their families during challenging times.

Additionally, volunteering your time or services can be equally impactful. From helping to organize events to spreading awareness through social media or within your community, there are endless ways to assist. Businesses can also engage through corporate sponsorship or by choosing Promise Dreams as their charity of the year, creating a powerful ripple effect of support and awareness.

This gesture of support is a reminder of the strength and generosity inherent within our community. It’s about more than just making dreams come true; it’s about providing hope, strength, and a moment of escape for those enduring the unimaginable. Pure Staff is honoured to support Promise Dreams in their admirable mission, and we look forward to the continued impact of our combined efforts on the lives of these remarkable children and their families.


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