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How to Succeed in Job Seeking

Searching for a job is not the easiest of things, slap on a global pandemic and this can seem nearly impossible!

It is vital then, that when searching for a job you can remain calm and collected. This also applies to your interviewing skills. In 2021, you need to do more than to have an impressive-looking cover letter or CV.

Here are some points on how you can find the best job for you…

Be Sure to Plan Ahead

Preparation and organisation are crucial in job seeking. Be sure you are aware of the working hours as they may clash with your personal life, keep your CV, and cover letter updated to the present as you do not want to give any misleading information to your employer!

Quality Over Quantity

Though a well-known cliché, this tip is essential in standing out amongst the crowd. Some tips would be to focus entirely on tweaking your CV to cater more to the job role that you are applying for. This is because it is common for you to apply for 50 job roles and only gain replies from 5 as long, drawn-out paragraphs can draw employers away as they may not have the time or patience to review a bulky and unclear CV.

Branch Out Your Networking Connections

You can increase your level of professionalism and networking connections, through making a LinkedIn account for your potential employer to look through. With LinkedIn, you can put out that you are job seeking across a social platform, meaning that you can expand the outreach of profile and qualifications with a higher probability of a potential employer possibly seeking you out!

Gather Your References 

References are potentially useful whilst job seeking, your employer may want to obtain a reference as to gauge an impression of what you are like as an employee. You can also get a reference off anyone who was involved in your education e.g., a teacher or tutor. References can make job seeking easier and we recommend obtaining one where possible.

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Be Confident 

As with many things in life, confidence is key. When job seeking you should always apply yourself assuredly and confidently. If you are unsure in a role within the job you are applying for you should always say, this will give your potential employer clarity and understanding of your capabilities, be sure, however, to include that you are eager to learn any aspect of the job as this will impress the employer.

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