How is Digital Transformation Helping Recruiters in 2021?
22 March 2021
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What is Digital Transformation?

For some companies, digital transformation suggests disrupting business by changing how they operate both internally and externally. However, on the whole, digital transformation is when businesses obtain digital and tech solutions, for instance, applicant tracking systems to simplify admin tasks and increase workforce efficiency across departments. What does this mean for recruiters? Less time working on spreadsheets and paperwork and more time enhancing your businesses recruitment processes.

There are some key challenges when executing a digital transformation recruitment strategy, getting key stakeholders and executives to buy in on the digital strategy is an important thing to overcome. However, the positives most definitely outweigh the costs of the approach. Technological software, such as automation and AI, increase the efficiency of the workforce, service quality and keeping your customers happy.  When thinking about it from a recruiter’s standpoint, these technology solutions could lead to quicker recruitment processes, happy candidates and employers. Here are some of the ways that digital transformation can have a positive impact on your recruitment business.

In-Depth Analytics

Recruitment technology can deliver real-time data and up-to-date data overviews. It enables you to pinpoint any areas of improvement that can enable you to implement a heightened recruitment strategy. Furthermore, it will also provide you with up-to-date data about candidates that allows you to analyse key metrics and make better conclusions. Such technologies also include simplified dashboards that are easy to read and enables you to make fast conclusions. The easy-to-understand recruitment dashboards enable you to make changes to your strategies quicker. Using the data from the technology, recruitment agencies can store assessment scores and even schedule interviews automatically.

Access to Talented Candidates

Tech recruiting solutions enable you to find the perfect candidate faster than the usual sourcing techniques that other agencies use. Some recruitment tech solutions automatically post job openings to multiple job boards at the click of a button and they also aid you in reaching out to people you wouldn’t normally be in contact with using artificial intelligence functionalities.

Enhanced Data Security

Recruitment through digital transformation doesn’t only mean using the technology to try and recruit talented candidates, it can also be used for improving the skillsets of team members to benefit your company from the digital switch. All technology software has cybersecurity risks, such as confidential information about employees and payment records. These should be kept safe, without taking any risks of a data breach. While using tech recruitment solutions, you must put cybersecurity risks high on your priority list. However, with risk management, it is straightforward to balance high-quality recruitment services with potential cyber threats. Digital transformation aids in building security policies and gives you the cloud-based infrastructure to cope with user demand.

Variety of Jobs

Within the warehouse industry, there can often be an array of jobs for workers to do, which can help prevent the work from feeling repetitive and stale. Some days you may be working on logistics and tracking, other times you could be picking or packaging products. Within the warehouse industry, you will develop a multitude of skills that can help you specialise in a particular field if you so choose.

Is your Business Ready for Digital Transformation in Recruitment?

Many businesses have had to speed up the transition to digital transformation, there are several factors why this has been the case. One being the COVID-19 pandemic, as some staff have had to work from home and meetings and events have all had to take place online. You need to ensure that your recruitment department or agency is taking advantage of the tech recruitment solutions that are available in 2021.

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