Happy International Women’s Day
8 March 2022
Picture of women smiling

Women are choosing forward-thinking employers where they can have careers in which they can flourish.

Life can be very different for women when they have an inclusive employer, where their career is supported and taken seriously. However, all over the world women in the workplace are massively undervalued. Limited benefits, poor work culture, and pay inequality are just some of the reasons why women look for new jobs. As well as seeing a lack of women at higher levels in the company hierarchy is often disheartening for women as they may think there is no room for moving up in the business.

Although, there are many progressive employers in the UK who really do value their female employees with lucrative employee benefits, flexible working routines, and fulfilling career opportunities.

Selecting the Right Employer

Often when women enjoy their work, it is because they feel supported and valued there. Furthermore, the work is meaningful and rewarding while the benefits and pay are competitive. Women will thrive in their job role when they feel like they are part of a higher mission, and their values are in line with the company’s and are supported to achieve their full potential.

Ensuring that you choose an inclusive employer is a key to helping women have a good career and enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Getting a feel for what your employer is like before applying is important. There are female-focused platforms that help women get a feel for what employers are like including female achievements and the employer supporting them. They help women achieve their full potential and allow them to plan their next career move. One example of this is Where Women Work.

Supporting Menopausal Women

A lot of hardworking women that are wishing for a long and prosperous career in their chosen industry may not factor in their company support for them, as they go through menopause. You may think this is just a given when the sad reality is this is not the case. According to ‘The Times’ there are around five million working women in the UK aged 40-55, of this demographic 80% will experience symptoms of menopause transition throughout their career.

Menopause is pretty self-explanatory; it is the cause of menstruation within women and non-binary people. It is declared ‘menopause’ once a full year has passed since their last period. Women’s Health company Theramex has stated that ‘During the menopause, your periods will decline and then stop. It typically starts between the ages of 45-55 and the transition can last for several years.’

Menopause is often a medical concern that is overlooked by many employers, this is due to a discovery from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine that stated that other than pregnancy, gender-specific health issues are very rarely discussed in the workplace. These issues can be very severe and according to Lawyer Monthly, 30-60% of menopausal women tend to suffer extreme symptoms for up to 4-8 years! These symptoms can include fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, this poses a huge threat to businesses as around 14 million workdays per year could be lost due to recurring physical and even psychological problems caused by menopause.

Thanks to certain celebrities and brave employees, menopausal women and non-binary people have finally started to get the recognition they need. The UK government has called on businesses to take on specialist advice given to them by a national network of advisors. They are called the ’50 Plus Champions’ they will support employers in order to retain their workers over the age of 50, this includes those affected by menopause. A survey conducted by ‘The Guardian’ in late 2021, found that an estimated 900,000 women have left their jobs due to menopausal issues. It is, unfortunately, true that society does not look at older women in a positive way when it comes to the workplace. Our intentions here at Pure Staff are to support these women and encourage employers to do the same.

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