Children’s Christmas Event 2023
13 March 2023
Image of bags of popcorn.

Pure Staff is proud to announce that we will once again host a Christmas event for underprivileged children at the Mockingbird Cinema. This year on the 9th of December, children who would not otherwise have access to a festive celebration will be treated to an afternoon of fun and entertainment.

At this special event, the children and their families can expect movies, popcorn, refreshments and a visit from Santa Claus himself! The team at Pure Staff believe in giving back to our community by making a positive difference in the lives of those around us. We hope this event will provide many children with a much-needed break from their everyday struggles and give them an opportunity to enjoy some quality entertainment during this special time of year.

We are dedicated to providing these young people with a memorable experience filled with holiday cheer. Our goal is to create lasting memories and give them something they can look back on positively when times get tough.

We are confident that it will be a truly magical day for all involved, and we all look forward to another successful Christmas celebration at the Mockingbird Cinema in December 2023!

If you wish to attend or donate to the event, please contact Kirsty at

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