Candidate Management with Andy Cain
1 February 2018
Picture of Andy with a pen

As a forward-thinking recruitment agency, we’re always aiming to keep our team up to date with the skills required to succeed in the recruitment industry, this time with a Candidate Management course from Andy Cain.

In a market that has become even more candidate-driven over the last 12 months with a record low unemployment and the concerns of Brexit ahead, we want our team to make sure they are delivering the best possible candidate experience to enable us to fulfil our client’s needs.  The course also provided further hints and tips on how to attract more candidates and fill more skilled vacancies.

At Pure Staff, we like to listen and understand the needs of our workers to ensure that they are happy in their role, whilst also meeting the needs and requirements of the business we are supplying to create value for money.

“Andy Cain is a true professional who always provides a comprehensive course on the subject he is covering. This time around we had a day of learning tips about candidate attraction and retention; as an experienced consultant within my field, it was great to sit down and be provided with quality training material and have the ideas fully explained by a very experienced person as well as being given the opportunity to share and hear relevant experiences. The great thing about Andy’s courses is that he always fully involves and engages everybody in the group and he is able to tailor his course to suit the sector that you work in. All in all a great day with a lot of information retained, I am looking forward to the next course.” – Kieran Severn – Birmingham Branch


“Great day with Andy Cain last week, learning new ways to attract new Candidates & how we can keep our current candidates happy. Following procedures & new methods – this ensures all Candidates have a good experience of working with PureStaff.” – Kieron Austin – Birmingham Branch

We hope our team have found the course useful and can take some of these skills on board as we look forward to making 2018 another successful year here at Pure Staff!

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