Picture of sad lorry driver
Mental Health Awareness For HGV Drivers
17 March 2022
It has been estimated that around one in four HGV drivers suffer from a form of mental illness every year. Although this happens so often, many drivers will most likely keep these problems to themselves and not seek any help....
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Picture of women smiling
Happy International Women’s Day
8 March 2022
Women are choosing forward-thinking employers where they can have careers in which they can flourish. Life can be very different for women when they have an inclusive employer, where their career is supported and taken seriously. However, all over the...
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New Wolverhampton Banner Image.
A New Home for our Wolverhampton Team
4 March 2022
After months of to-ing and fro-ing, between the solicitor, landlord, property management and building services our Wolverhampton Team finally moved into their new premises in Coseley on Monday. It’s only a couple of miles from the previous office, but the...
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Picture of man sticking mental together
The UK’s Labour Shortage
8 October 2021
Pure Staff specialise in the Industrial, FMCG, and Driving/Transport marketplaces and our recruitment teams are in close regular contact with hundreds of businesses each day. We wanted to take this opportunity to share our thoughts and our customers feedback on...
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picture of computer screen with job offer on it
Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency
22 July 2021
As most employers may not have the time or resources to find the right employee for a certain job within their company, they resort to a recruitment agency. There are a vast amount of recruitment agencies around the UK, so...
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Picture of cvs
How to Structure Your CV to Get Noticed by Employers
10 July 2021
When looking for someone to hire, employers will be sent countless amounts of CV’s. To avoid having your CV forgotten in the bunch, it needs to stand out and get noticed. You can do this by having a structured CV....
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