A Lowdown to the Warehouse Industry

The warehouse industry has grown between 6 and 8% last year. One of the key reasons for this is the COVID-19 pandemic, as online shopping has been the main source of people’s spending habits over the past 18 months. Looking at getting  You to need to be a coordinated person who can work well in a team and be able to direct others to do tasks. The job requires constant focus and as the main goal is packaging and distribution, things are moving very fast in a continuous cycle. If you believe you have what it takes to work in the warehouse industry then be sure to read on below and check out our warehouse & distribution page.


Working in a Team 

The main skill of working in the warehouse industry is teamwork. If you are someone who can work well in a group then this may be the career for you. Working in the warehouse industry requires constant communication and teamwork as some daily quotas are too much for one person to carry out. Within a warehouse, there may be the constant use of heavy machinery, some of which will require more than one person to move and use it properly.

Image of teamwork


Health & Safety 

This is the most important part of any workplace, yet it is especially important when talking about the warehouse industry as it can be a hazardous environment if site rules are ignored. Be sure to only work if you are completely rested as a tired worker can easily make a mistake with equipment which could lead to an accident or near-miss. Ensure that you are wearing the relevant Personal Protective Equipment for the job role.


Maintained Focus 

A lapse in focus can ruin a whole days work in the warehouse industry. It is important to always be alert and prepared for any scenario from when you clock in to work to when you clock out. Making errors in the picking or packaging process will mean you are not able to maximise productivity and this delayed progress of the business. If you are interested in this line of work, make sure you are able to focus for long periods of time and have good attention to detail.

Image of a focus sign


Variety of Jobs

Within the warehouse industry, there can often be an array of jobs for workers to do, which can help prevent the work from feeling repetitive and stale. Some days you may be working on logistics and tracking, other times you could be picking or packaging products. Within the warehouse industry, you will develop a multitude of skills that can help you specialise in a particular field if you so choose.


Help is Always There 

As mentioned previously within working in a team, the process doesn’t work unless everyone is playing their part. If you are struggling with a certain job, be sure to ask for help from your team around you. Where things can go wrong is if you are unsure yet do not ask for help. Management teams within the warehouse appreciate people who double-check and ask for support if needed. They will be as interested in your job as they are their own as one mistake in the process and the entire system cannot function to optimum levels.

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