A Guide on Improving Your HGV Driving
20 May 2021
picture of motorway with cars on it

With millions around the country being in the possession of a driving license you would think that HGV driver jobs would be easy to go into and most people could do it. This is not the case however, it takes a different kind of person to be able to drive an HGV as they are more than three times as large as the average car. Read on below to find out a brief guide on being a better HGV driver.

Be Independent

Being an HGV driver is more than just a collection of goods delivered from A to B. Some journeys will take several hours and even days. Due to this fact, you must be an independent person who can enjoy their own company for a long period of time. You shouldn’t be a person who relies on others to get through their day as otherwise, you may lack the motivation to carry out the journey and the goods will not reach their required destination in time.

Image of HGV vehicles parked up.

Be Aware of Surroundings

HGV vehicles a lot larger than the average car, you need to be aware of how large it is. If you are someone that is used to only driving a normal car you may drive in a way that isn’t suitable when driving an HGV vehicle e.g, parking. You need to be spatially aware to avoid hitting pedestrians or other cars whilst on the roads. If you have a sound knowledge of your surroundings then being an HGV driver is the career for you.

Be Technically Capable

Although you may not think that being an HGV driver is necessarily a complex job that takes serious brainpower, it is. You need to be able to make decisions on the fly that will save you as much time as possible. This is why being an HGV driver takes a lot more skill than just owning a drivers licence. It is a great career to get into if you are good at solving problems quickly.

Image of some HGV vehicles.

Be Responsible 

This is a very obvious point, you can apply this to just driving as a whole, be sure that when you are driving an HGV vehicle that you are safe and you do not danger others, the vehicle is a lot larger than the average car and if in the wrong hands could be a major risk on the roads.

Be Cool-Headed

A lot of drivers tend to get road rage, to be a successful HGV driver you need to have a relaxed demeanour and a mostly stress-free mind. Road rage in an HGV also will stop you in your tracks and ensure that you do not get to your destination as quick as possible. This is bad if you’re a new driver as your workplace may notice this and immediately flag it for a poor attitude. Remember when you were in your vehicle try to focus on delivering the goods as your main priority.

Here are some other points to take into consideration when driving an HGV vehicle:

  • Take Regular Breaks throughout your journey.
  • Plan Your Route using a SatNav
  • Secure Your Loads to ensure that items don’t fall out of your vehicle
  • Take regular checks of your vehicle and maintain it well.
  • Try not to get distracted too easily while driving.
  • Avoid Tailgating other vehicles.
  • Control the speed of the HGV.

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