5 Reasons Why it’s Great Working in Manufacturing
10 April 2021
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Manufacturing jobs will always, in some capacity, be available and necessary no matter how complex the digital world becomes. The industry is still growing, which makes this an ideal time to launch your career in the manufacturing industry.

Aiding the Economy

Although manufacturing only accounts for around 10% of the overall UK economy, this takes nothing away from its importance. As Manufacturing accounts for more than 45% of the total exports from the UK and workers within a manufacturing career earn around 15% more than the national average, making it a great place to work. Manufacturing jobs also take up 9% of the total employment in the country.

Various Lines of Work

A lot of people tend to find their jobs stale and repetitive after a long while and so will tend to jump ship and find something new, which of course can be hard to do sometimes. This will likely not happen in a manufacturing career as there are so many different branches and paths you can take in this industry. Whether it be working with food, sportswear or pharmaceuticals, there is always something new to do for people working in manufacturing jobs.

Improved Safety Measures

A common misconception when it comes to manufacturing jobs is that it is unsafe or unfit for workers, however, this could not be further from the truth. This perception comes from older manufacturing techniques, which used dangerous chemicals and machinery. A lot of this work is now done by robots to ensure no living person is exposed to anything harmful. The manufacturing industry is working harder than ever to make these workplaces as safe as they can be.

Boost Careers

There are many different routes that you can go down during your manufacturing career. Any sector you can think of will contain manufacturing jobs, showing again why this industry is so great to work in. A manufacturing career can lead to several entry-level positions. The majority of manufacturing companies will tend to offer on-site training which would be ideal for new graduates who are looking to grow their careers.

Help to Save Lives

During the global pandemic due to COVID-19, having a high production rate in manufacturing jobs is vital. This is yet another reason why a manufacturing career is great to pursue as being a part of a team that issues out testing, vaccines, PPE will put you down in the history books for working towards the biggest effort in the UK since WW2 as well as giving you the experience of an efficient workspace, which will give you the skills and help to move up in your career in the future.

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