How to Get into the Manufacturing Industry?
15 April 2022
Image of a woman working in manufacturing.

Are you looking at starting a career in the manufacturing industry, but not sure where to start? The manufacturing industry is huge spanning from skilled woodcraft to fixing parts on a production line. However, what is the right manufacturing job for you and what qualifications do you need? Read on below to find out more about the manufacturing industry.

Different types of Manufacturing?

Within the manufacturing sector, there are five general categories of manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process is different depending on the product the company is producing. 

Repetitive Manufacturing – This type of manufacturing is what people think of first as it is very common in huge companies like Land Rover and Nestle. Repetitive Manufacturing is the process of repeating the same production on a product to a stable production rate 24/7. This usually involves assembly lines where one person or robot carries out one or more tasks on a product.

Discrete Manufacturing involves parts and systems like wires, cameras, nuts, assemblies, and individual products like chips. An example of a finished product would be phones, aeroplanes, and cars because they have many parts to make them up.

Job Shop Manufacturing – Small batches would use this type of manufacturing because they usually create custom products. This Job Shop process requires a unique set-up so that the employees can create original products. Job Shop manufacturing is often highly skilled labour, examples of this include building bridges, handmade products, boats, etc.

Continuous Manufacturing – Continuous Manufacturing is the process of adding materials to the process to keep on producing products. Instead of waiting until one product is finished, raw materials are continuously added on. Product examples are metal smelting, power stations, paper, blast furnace, etc.

Batch Process Manufacturing – A Batch Process is where a manufacturer makes products through specified amounts within a timeframe. A batch will go through many steps to create the final product. An example of some products that use this process is clothing, baked goods, newspapers, pharmaceuticals, etc.

How to get a Job in Manufacturing?

Before you start applying to a business or manufacturing recruitment agency, you first need to understand your current skills and where you want to go. Manufacturing can range from assembly lines that fit the same parts to highly skilled woodcraft products. For example, if you have no qualifications or knowledge in physics, you’re not going to be a physics professor. However, it is possible if you study the subject to gain knowledge in the industry. It’s the same for manufacturing, if you want to apply for a manufacturing job, then you need to already have the skills or to be able to learn the skills and knowledge needed for that job.

If you are ready to break into the manufacturing industry, create a CV highlighting your experience and qualifications. Applying to a manufacturing agency could jumpstart your career within the sector.

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