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Why Choose Us?

When choosing an agency, it is vital that you choose one that is not only compliant with current regulations but that they have their finger on the pulse in regard to forthcoming changes.  Overlooking changes could result in an investigation of both the agency and end employer.

As a customer of Pure Staff Ltd, we will ensure that all of your needs and requirements will be dealt with to the best of our ability.

We will give you the assurance that you are in safe hands when it comes to new and ever changing regulations. Pure Staff work closely with the EAS and REC to ensure we are one step ahead of the competition by offering our clients up to date information and advice on future regulation changes.

Pure Staff also holds a Gangmaster Licence – GLA URN Number – PURE0003

Our Vision:  To be the UK’s preferred supplier and recognised brand of flexible staffing solutions within our core sectors by delivering our 5 key values.


  • All our operatives are fully referenced.
  • All our operatives go through a full interview and assessment process.
  • All our operatives have full PPE.
  • All our operatives have the experience and qualifications needed and these are verified.


  • Every client of ours has access to a 24 hour on call service in which a Pure Staff Consultant can be spoken to at any time.
  • As part of our tailored service to suit you, we are able to recruit staff not only when you need them, but also to any specific requirement you may have.
  • We pride ourselves on our 4-hour guarantee to our clients.


  • If you require operatives in bulk, or you can guarantee a minimum contract period we can offer a reduction to the charge rates as part of an ongoing agreement.
  • We can tailor our time sheet system to suit you.

Value for Money

  • We keep costs as low as possible by ensuring lean processes are adhered to.
  • We always look to save you money where possible, without compromising quality.
  • All our charge rates are transparent, enabling you to see exactly where the money has gone.
  • Charge rates are always calculated to your needs as the customer, subsequently cutting out unnecessary costs.


  • If we are unable to recruit a suitable operative, we would rather turn the booking down than send an individual who will let us and you, our customer, down.
  • Our charge rates are transparent.