Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency
22 July 2021
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As most employers may not have the time or resources to find the right employee for a certain job within their company, they resort to a recruitment agency. There are a vast amount of recruitment agencies around the UK, so it is vital that companies do their research before putting all their trust and funds into a recruitment agency. Choosing wrong could mean that you may not get the desired employee that you need for a job role and this will cost the company time and money. If you are struggling to find the right recruitment agency for you, be sure to visit us at Pure Staff and we’ll be sure to meet your needs. Read on below to find out the simple steps to choosing the right recruitment agency for your business.

Research Beforehand

As touched on slightly above, researching a recruitment agency is one of the most important factors. Search through reviews of the agency online, enquire through social media for people who have used their services previously, see if anyone else in your area of business has used them before. These checks are absolutely necessary as this should give you a decent first impression of the recruitment agency and if there are some things that cause concern then they are not an agency that you should pursue.

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Gauge An Idea of Their Candidate Pool

Obviously, some recruitment agencies are going to be bigger than others. Larger candidate pools are going to have more of a chance in finding the right person for your business and the required job role. On top of this, be sure that the type of candidates that are being found are relevant to your company. They can source thousands of applicants, yet if none of them is relevant or interested in your job role then they are as good as zero!

Enquire On Their Hiring Techniques

It is important to understand a decent idea of how the recruitment agency selects its candidates. Many recruitment agencies will also tend to do pre-screening tests. This is so they can narrow down the number of candidates and then those selected few are the ones that will go on to have an interview and potentially be hired. If an agency is lazy with their pre-screening tests you may get candidates going for interviews in your company with no real interest or qualifications in that job role.

Ensure They Understand Your Company Requirements

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right recruitment agency. If they do not know what you are looking for then they will never get the rights candidates for you. Maintain constant communication with a recruitment agency before hiring them as well as throughout the process. Again, if you notice that the agency has poor communication skills then be sure to look elsewhere. General recruitment agencies are good as they will have more candidates however if you can find one that specialises in your line of work then go for them as they will already know what you are looking for.

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