Supporting The Air Ambulance Service
1 December 2022
A banner image of Dave Whitehouse, Managing Director of Pure Staff, supporting the Air Ambulance Service.

Dave Whitehouse, Managing Director of Pure Staff, visited The Air Ambulance Service and wanted to share his emotional experience at the base with us.


Last week, Kirsty Cooper and I visited The Air Ambulance Service at their base in Coventry. We handed over a cheque for £1,100 and purchased 80 cuddly toys for our Childrens’ Xmas event for £400 on behalf of the Pure Staff Foundation.

I always feel proud to be able to support them and add to the £13,750 that I have raised for them in my 10k Challenge for the Air Ambulance. This year, I did find this trip more difficult to go to their base and hear about what happened the day they saved my life.

It left me feeling emotional, especially as I have no memory of the day and my cardiac arrest. To explain to them that my wife was told not to expect a positive outcome is hard. I can only imagine how she felt that day, but I do know the gratitude she has for all the medical teams that helped me that day.

It also left me more motivated to keep fundraising for them. So, in turn, I can help them save more lives and keep families together like mine. The money will help them buy new equipment and keep the helicopters in the air.

Image of Dave Whitehouse and Kirsty Cooper at The Air Ambulance Service base in Coventry.

It is always humbling to visit their base and be able to do something small but meaningful to give back. I hope it will go some way towards helping them raise vital funds, enabling them to respond quickly when needed and save more lives.

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