Opportunities, Growth, and Training at Pure Staff

Salv is the Divisional manager of the Driving team in our Bilston branch. He talks about what to expect when joining Pure Staff, how he aims to support and grow his team members and how we’re looking to expand and grow our already thriving business.

“I first heard about Pure Staff through a friend and rec-to-rec known as Paul Hamilton. After interviewing with Operations Director Luke Bartlett I knew that this was the place for me and I was struck on the idea of joining the team and it’s a decision I’ve not regretted since the day I joined.”

“I started out as a senior driving consultant at the Bilston office and with time I progressed to become divisional manager of the driving division. I now have a team of staff that I work with and am looking to expand to that, so there will be opportunities coming up and I’d love to hear from anyone interested in joining us.”

“My role here is to keep the team hungry for success and I want the division to be the best it can be. I’m here to guide and grow my team to ensure they have the same opportunities as I was gifted and it’s my ambition to help my team follow in my footsteps and hopefully go even further.”

“My greatest achievement with Pure Staff so far is being offered the role as divisional manager. It’s a fantastic title to have and something that I’m really proud of. Not only am I in the greatest financial position of my career so far I’m also ensuring my team are able to achieve their goals as well.”

“Pure Staff have helped my career immensely since I joined, as their ambition to grow has created many opportunities for people such as myself who wish to further their careers. There’s no sign of it slowing down at the moment so it’s a really good time to join the team.”

“One thing we like to do is invest in our people. We currently use the services of Andy Cain who offers some fantastic training packages noticeably of which I benefitted from are the sales and conflict resolution.”

“My sales skills have greatly improved since working for Pure Staff and my management skills have greatly increased due to the growth of the company as I have a lot more people around me now that need influence and help along the way.”

“I want to grow the division as big as possible and to follow on from the success of last year when we absolutely smashed our budget, and we’re hoping to do the same again this year with our continued growth and hopefully build on the foundations of my team.”

“One thing that we like to do to create positivity in the office is to celebrate every success, so even a small ‘win’ is still a ‘win’ non-the-less. We push our teams to always want more and we overcome any obstacles that they may face as operational issues shouldn’t affect someone’s growth, so if a company out there throws a curveball then it’s up to us to manage that so our staff don’t suffer as we want them to have the best division they possibly can which keeps everybody motivated.”

“We have an open and honest approach with no blurred lines, no hidden agendas and nothing misleading. It’s just a pure and honest recruitment service and your voice is always listened to. There are no false promises and our staff are told what they need to do to achieve their goals and targets.”

“It’s a fantastic time to join Pure Staff with the growth that we’re currently experiencing. There are lots of new opportunities for new people to join and I would challenge anyone to find another company out there that is as ambitious as ourselves at the moment.”

“By joining Pure Staff you’re allowing yourself the best opportunity I believe you can currently get in recruitment at the moment. We’re a growing business looking to build on our success and with no signs of slowing down it really is the time to jump on board. The harder you work, the better you’re rewarded and after all that’s what everybody goes to work for.”