Meet The Team – Kieran Severn
21 June 2023
Image of the Meet The Team banner featuring Kieran Severn.

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Kieran Severn

Name: Kieran Severn
Job Title: Driving Divisional Manager
Branch: Birmingham
Number of years in recruitment: 9 years
Number of years with Pure Staff: 7 years
What’s the best job you’ve ever had (before Pure Staff of course): I have only ever worked in restaurants and recruitment; I wasn’t a fan of restaurants, so probably my previous agency if I can’t pick Pure Staff.
What do you like to spend time doing outside of work: Spending time with Friends + Family and with my pets, I like going to restaurants and trying different cuisines.
Favourite Singer/Band: Not a big music person
Favourite Food: Pizza, Chinese, Indian, anything I can get delivered
Favourite Animal: Cat or Dog. I have both so can’t choose between them
Favourite Hobby: Eating
Favourite Film/TV Show: The Wolf of Wall Street, Shawshank Redemption, Stranger Things
What do you like most about working for Pure Staff: We have a great team in Birmingham driving, everyone shares the same goals, and we work hard to achieve them whilst having a few laughs along the way.
What’s your biggest challenge in recruitment right now: Recruitment is a job where you constantly have different priorities whilst at work, so I think the biggest challenge is constantly identifying what is needed within the market and adapting our working style to suit.

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