stay organised at work

How To Stay Organised At Work

Some of us just aren’t naturally organised people, and that’s okay. The trick is to recognise that you’re not an organised person and put things in place to help you become more so.

Hopefully, the tips below will assist you on your way to becoming more organised.

1. Use your commute time to complete some of your tasks. Whether that be reading and replying to your emails, creating a to-do this for that day or doing little bits and bobs. With all the small niggly things ticked off your list when you get to work, you can focus on the bigger, more important tasks.

2. Take regular breaks throughout the day. You’re not a machine, you can’t go all day working without getting tired, and when you get tired, you can start to slack. Making sure you have regular breaks and grab some fresh air throughout the day can help keep you at the top of your game.

3. If you can, get out of the office to work every once in awhile. If you’ve got an important task, you need to focus on or a blog post to write, getting out of the office and somewhere more comfortable and quiet can help you concentrate on the task at hand and get it done.

4. Only check your emails at set times. Otherwise, it can be a real big distraction. You could be halfway through a task when you have an email, by the time you’ve read and replied to that email you have forgotten what you were working on or lost your train of thought. So set aside set times to check your emails to minimise distraction.

5. Write a to-do list. Having everything written down in front of you that you need to get done that day helps you to focus on the tasks at hand. Try prioritising them as well, so you know which tasks to complete first – you’ll relieve yourself of the stress of the deadlines and make your boss happy.

Once you’ve mastered these, you should be well on your way to becoming more organised.