How To Impress On Your First Day At Work

It’s your first day at your new job, your palms are sweaty, you’re nervous. What if my new boss doesn’t like me?

You have nothing to worry about; your new boss picked you out of numerous other applicants because he thought you were the one for the job. Not any of them. All you have to do now is hold back your nervousness and hold up to his expectations. Here are a few little hints to ensure you’ve impressed him/her by the end of your first day.

1. Try to contribute to something. Whether it be a project or a solution to a problem, anything. By already contributing on your first day you’re showing your eagerness and your willingness to get stuck in.

2. Spark up a conversation and get to know people. Don’t sit at your desk or stand in the corner. Get up, walk around, ask people what their roles are; take an interest. You’ll quickly get a feel for the place and feel a lot more comfortable there if you stretch out and explore.

3. Put in a little extra time. We know you can’t do it all the time, everyone needs a break. But trust me, your employer and colleagues will notice if you’re out at 5:00 on the dot every day. Don’t be afraid to stay behind an extra couple of minutes giving someone a hand or learning something new.

4. Smile and make jokes. It show’s your comfortable, happy and positive. By radiating positivity, you’ll form better relationships with those around you – a key to flourishing in the workplace.

5. Ask questions, be curious, challenge someone’s thinking and form your own opinions. Be open and honest. People value an opinion more if it stands out from the usual hum of agreement.

Lastly, remember everyone’s names!