How to Get Into the Warehouse Industry?
20 May 2022
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Are you ready to break into the warehouse industry and make a career out of it? But you aren’t sure where to start because everybody has a different opinion on how to get there? Look no further as in this blog we will go through how to get into the warehouse industry.

What kind of Jobs are there within the Warehouse Industry?

There are many different kinds of jobs within the warehouse industry to make daily operations flow smoothly. Here is a list of just some of the warehouse jobs that are available to you in the sector:

Stocker – A stocker is responsible for receiving deliveries that enter the warehouse. A stocker will organise the products, put them away for storage, keep an inventory of products and ensure all displays within the store are full.

Forklift Operator – A forklift operator helps move stock around the warehouse and is responsible for monitoring stock levels and checking if any is damaged or missing.

Warehouse Manager – A warehouse manager is responsible for managing staff members, ensuring equipment is safe, checking on progress in assigned jobs, introducing new innovative methods and complying with the company’s safety measures.

Loader – A loader is responsible for preparing outgoing deliveries and loading lorries when needed. This job may also, involve forklift driving depending on the delivery or company.

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What Qualifications and Skills do Employers look for?

Depending on the warehouse job you’re applying for will rely on the experience and skills needed. Overall, most warehouse jobs need basic Maths and English qualifications. Warehouse employers do ask for a few skills that should be used on a regular basis. These skills include the ability to work on your own and with others, good attention to detail, the ability to perform under pressure, good verbal communication and the ability to organise your time and workload. Some warehouse companies may ask for 1-year prior experience within the warehouse industry. But these jobs are for more experienced warehouse operatives.

How to Get into the Warehouse Industry?

Warehouse jobs are known as some of the easiest jobs to get because most don’t require much experience or skills. This obviously depends on the job you’re going for. Since the pandemic warehouse jobs have shot up because more people are doing their shopping online.  Here at Pure Staff, we have a huge range of warehouse job roles across the UK.

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