Growth and progression with Carl, Worcester Branch Manager

Carl, who has recently been promoted to Branch Manager of Worcester, talks about his journey so far, his aspirations for the future growth of our Worcester branch and why people should find out more about what we have to offer them as a business or individual looking to take that next step up the ladder.

“I first heard about Pure Staff whilst doing my canvassing and a colleague highly recommended Pure Staff to me and I was very interested in what they may have to offer. I came and had a meeting with one of the directors and it went from there and I was very happy with what I had to see.”

“I’ve been at Pure Staff for several months now. It’s absolutely fantastic and I’ve had an amazing journey since I started with the company, everybody has been really supportive, the business is growing massively and there are some fantastic opportunities for everyone throughout the company.”

“My role as divisional manager at Worcester involves looking after the industrial division as well as looking after the driving division and I’m heavily involved with both areas of the business. I’m helping support the teams by growing them, moving them forward, offering training and additional support as and when they need it.”

“We have a very strong communal feel to the company; you don’t just feel like you’re coming to work and you’re turning up and being a number, you actually feel like you’re part of something that is making a difference. We’re not pitched against each other, everyone is in it together and as much as healthy competition is a good thing everybody in Pure Staff wants everybody to be successful.”

“My greatest achievement working here so far is witnessing and being part of the growth that we’ve experienced. The team we’ve got around and the way we support each other has helped us grow, and with this particular branch being the smallest of the current three branches, it’s taken the growth to new levels which is absolutely fantastic.”

“I want the Worcester branch to be doing just as well and to be just as successful as the other branches. Both Bilston and Birmingham are very successful branches as they both have thriving industrial and driving departments and we’re opening up new plans in both of those branches to bring in more business and be more successful and my future plans are to do exactly the same with the Worcester branch. We’re getting to a level now where I can see in the near future we’ll be looking to open up new plans, bringing extra opportunities for people within the branch already and new opportunities for people outside of Pure Staff to come in to Worcester and make a difference.”

“Pure Staff like to invest time and money into their consultants within the business and they have an external training course which they go to and I have to say I’ve been in many different types of training environments and this is definitely up there with the some of the best training you can get on the market. Paying that extra money and investing that extra time into their consultants will help them get to where they need to be.”

“Being with Pure Staff has helped my career and progression in many ways, the first being that I was offered the opportunity to come in at a higher role, stepping up from a senior consultant position to become divisional manager looking after two divisions with a view that eventually I will become branch manager of Worcester.”

“Since joining Pure Staff I have increased my skills and also gained so much more experience. I’ve had nothing but support from my operations director who has been in the industry for over 15 years now. He’s helped me every time I’ve had any issues, problems or needed any help in making a decision I wasn’t able to deal with, and I’ve learned all that from him, took it all in and now I’ve used it as part of my own arsenal to be able to improve and enhance my own performance.”

“For anybody that’s thinking about changing their career I would definitely recommend that you come and talk to Pure Staff. I did, and it’s changed my life and changed my career as well. We offer great support from a growing company and there is plenty of room for progression within the business both in the existing branches and potential new branches.”

“There won’t just be the current three branches as we have plans to expand on that and take our business further so that gives plenty of opportunities for everyone else within the business.”

growth and progression

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