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At Pure Staff we’re always looking to improve our skills in order to help you and your business with various training and development courses including workshops with Andy Cain. This time we were focusing on customer retention. We’re extremely grateful when new businesses and clients choose us and we strive to deliver a professional, flexible, unique and unbeatable service in order to keep your business running smoothly. We aim to build up a relationship based on reliability and trust so that you know your business is always in safe hands when employing a Pure Staff worker. Below you can read what out staff members said about our latest training course as we look to improve our skills in order to make 2018 another successful and record breaking year!


“Andy’s courses are always very engaging and provoke great discussion between the people involved. There is always something which can be picked up from the course to help us improve our service to our large client base.” – Josh Clover, Driving Divisional Manager – Birmingham Branch


“Today we took an in-depth look into client retention and ways in which we can build and keep solid relationships with our clients. Looking at various aspects such as personalities, types of business and verbal techniques has given me a great insight into how myself and my colleagues can work together to offer the highest level of service possible. I would highly recommend Andy’s courses as he shares some fantastic information based on years of experience, and allows the team to work together to bounce ideas off each other as well as sharing our thoughts, views and experiences.” – George Beach, Recruitment Consultant – Birmingham Branch


“I felt the training provided by Andy was of a very high level and very informative. Very good explanations and details provided. I felt it very useful as a full overview and refresher with a number of positive outcomes that I have taken away from it and will involve Sebastian moving forward, these based around; defining client management, results cube, recruitment action plans and managing client development.” – Neal Lewis, Permanent Division – Worcester.


“Nice to see another bunch from our team enjoy one of Andy’s courses today, they always seem to come out with new ideas and enthusiasm to further grow their divisions and improve the service they offer to our customers.” Dave Whitehouse – Director

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