What can a trainee consultant expect from us?

Olivia, one of our Trainee Consultants from our Birmingham office talks about what she’s learned so far and how Pure Staff have helped develop her skills and confidence.

“I heard about Pure Staff through drivers where I used to work in a previous company, heard a lot of good things and people speaking highly about Pure Staff and also through the rec-to-rec that put me in the company where I’m working now.”

“I started at Pure Staff in November last year, working on the driving department and learned a lot about the company and gained experience whilst working alongside the divisional manager. I’m really enjoying it so far.”

“When I first started at Pure Staff I had never done any sales calls, canvassing or business development. I started building my canvas box and gaining conversions. Initially I wasn’t very confident picking up the phone whilst doing new sales calls and I now enjoy doing these calls and always try to hit over my target amount because I enjoy speaking to new clients.”

“At my previous company I never realised how important business development was and working for Pure Staff it does show how important it is to be able to build new companies and be able to service them to their standards.”

“I went on an induction day earlier in the year and learned a lot about the company with regards to their history, how they work and how it has progressed. It really is motivating working for a company knowing that they’re growing constantly and that there are so many opportunities available for myself whilst working at Pure Staff.”

“On a sales course this year I was also given tips and advice on the best sales techniques and learned about push selling and pull selling and it’s really interesting finding out what sort of seller you are.”

“I genuinely do see myself going a long way working for Pure Staff and in my career with recruitment as I do genuinely like what I’m doing. Some people go to work just to ‘go to work’ but I love recruitment, I love what I do and I love that I work on the driving department even though times can be hard, but with the team that I’m working with we always get through everything!”

“It’s very easy to work in a place where you genuinely enjoy the company of the people you work with. I tend to find it a lot easier when working with a motivating and hard-working team that support you with everything you do.”

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot more whilst working at Pure Staff than I ever did in the two years at the company where I was before. It’s a very good and motivating place to be working with easy opportunities for myself to grow with a lot of support behind me.”

For people looking to join Pure Staff I would say we’re very easy to work with because people will help you the whole way and they’re very welcoming with open arms to whoever comes in the company.”


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