Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) was made effective from the 1st October 2011 and is the biggest piece of legislation to hit the recruitment industry since the introduction of minimum wage in 1999. The AWR stipulates that agency workers are entitled to equal pay and conditions as employees in the same business who do the same work.

However, many agencies are not offering the Regulation 10 model (Swedish Derogation) which states that if agency workers are engaged under a contract of employment, they are not entitled to equal pay.

We feel it is only fair to make our clients aware of this option as many companies simply cannot afford the cost implications in today’s turbulent economic climate.

Pure Staff offer both models

Regulation 10 Compliant Model: Overview

  • Complying with regulation 10 of the AWR also know as a Swedish Derogation model
  • Pay Between Assignment obligations and any other financial obligation is not charged to our client
  • Charge rates will stay the same regardless of length of service as pay parity does not qualify
  • Enhanced recruitment process to ensure a quality workforce

Pay Parity Model: Overview

  • Ensuring temporary workers are paid equally to permanent ‘comparable workers’ after 12 weeks work, including overtime premiums, bonuses, and holiday pay
  • We have invested in bespoke software to ensure that all temps receive pay parity and other associated benefits when entitled to it, leaving no room for human error
  • Automated software that enables consultants to spend more time recruiting and less time monitoring AWR compliance
  • Transparent rates at competitive margins

How do you know if your agency has the necessary software needed to ensure AWR compliance? Do you know that just one hour’s work in one calendar week is equal to one full week in terms of the AWR? Has your agency explained the “anti-avoidance regulation”? Do you know that any underpayment or oversight relating to the AWR could result in a £5,000 fine, plus the worker will be entitled to make a tribunal claim? Both the agency and the end employer are liable for penalty charges whether done unknowingly or not.

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